Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuning Reliability & Repeatability: An Example of Individual Cylinder Fuel Trims

Engine Management Systems (EMS's) gives the tuner ability to adjust fuel and engine timing as well as various other parameters, all in the name of creating the most optimized tune for your engine. A fine tuning procedure not often used or offered by tuners is Individual Fuel Trim Correction and Individual Cylinder Timing Correction. Fine tuning individual cylinders will result in peak performance, reliability and repeat-ability. For this write up we focus on the Individual Fuel Trim Correction.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carbonetic // Hasport // CT Engineering - Diff Install for S2K

We recently performed a complete differential upgrade on a Honda S2000. Excessive loads brought by the aid of forced induction engines and/or harsh clutch engagement "shock" leads to bearing cap failure in these particular diff's. By 2004 Honda implemented a clutch delay valve inside the clutch slave cylinder to essentially reduce fluid flow, in turn reducing shock. Enthusiasts annoyed by this countermeasure were soon able to figure out how to disassemble the slave cylinder and remove this bleeder. All roads then lead back to the weak diff. The common failure point is centralized near the top of the bridge of the outside bearing cap. Our goal was to get to this particular diff and upgrade before it was too late. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dyno Page: Hytech's N/A S2K Header

There has been much anticipation for the release of this S2000 header designed, tested and fabricated by John Grudynski of HyTech Exhaust Inc. Those who've used Hytech products are familiar with the material and weld quality, the precision taken to the merge collectors and his patented anti-reversion chambers. We had the opportunity to get our hands on Hytech's N/A 2010 model header and put it to the test on on our Dynapack Dynomometer. Though this header is lighter in weight than OEM (all s2k aftermarket headers are), we were only interested in power results during this test.